RHS Attendance Calling Information
For all day Absences : 24 HR Attendance Hotline: 787-4017

For Off Campus Passes: Please send a parent-signed note with student to Attendance prior to leaving campus. For last minute appointments please call:

Attendance Policy
Please note new Attendance Policy:
  1. Parents should call the Attendance Office EACH DAY the student is absent. The Attendance Office Hotline may be contacted 24 hours a day at 1-760-787-4017. PLEASE CALL AS WE DO NOT ACCEPT NOTES TO CLEAR FULL DAY ABSENCES.
  2. All day student absences not cleared by 2:00 p.m. on the day of the absence will result in an automated phone call home prompting parents to call and clear the all day absence.
  3. Any period absence will also generate an automated phone call home. To clear period absences a student must get a note from the teacher clearing the absence and deliver the note to the attendance office.
  4. All absences, period or all day, must be cleared within the first 48 hours following the absence. Anyabsences not cleared are marked unexcused and will be considered truancies.
  5. Students with 2 or more unexcused all day absences/truancies or 3 or more unexcused period absences/tardies will result in students being assigned to attend Saturday School.
  6. Students who do not fulfill their Saturday School assignments are viewed as defying school authorities and will be subject to additional consequences that may include: placement on the RHS Exclusion List preventing students from participating in school activities including the RHS Graduation Ceremony, revocation of off campus privileges, before or after school detention, off campus suspensions and in some cases an involuntary transfer to our district's alternative high school.
Attendance Contacts:
Sue and Ann
Attendance Technicians